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Natural health supplements are becoming more notable. Recently more medical associations and doctors are agreeing that taking health supplements can be beneficial even if you already eat a balanced diet that includes many varieties of food. The FDA and American Medical Association are now saying that minerals, vitamins and other health supplements may be needed in diets.

Check out the FDA’s website. It partly states that supplements of fiber, minerals, or vitamins may help with meeting special nutrition needs. People with these special needs are ones with medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease just to name a few. It also includes women who can become pregnant, children and the elderly, which seems to include everyone except young male adults in good health that eat a perfectly healthy balanced diet.

A natural health supplement can not substitute a well balance healthy diet with foods from every food group. It is important that you do eat a proper diet and good health supplements complements a good diet.

Living in the modern world unfortunately, makes it next to impossible to consume all nutrients that are needed by the human body through diet alone. Therefore, health supplements can provide that source of nutrients that lacks in one’s diet.

Importance of a vitamins and nutrients in our diet

Dozens of studies have been made about the importance of a range of vitamins and nutrients in the diet. It also goes into the average diet not supplying the nutrients needed.

  • Soil is stripped of nutrients because of over farming.
  • Stripping foods of nutrients needed by the body, in order to genetically change the food just so that it looks good.
  • The use of artificial nutrients and nitrogen for fertilizing the soil is a detriment to health.
  • Harmful pesticides used are entered as harmful chemicals in the diet.

All this boils down to the fact that foods no longer have all the nutrients that are vital for our bodies in order to stay healthy.

As though adding insult to injury, water, earth, and sky has been heavily polluted by industrialization. Poisonous mercury has heavily contaminated fish. Chemicals, toxins, and other pollutants has contaminated groundwater and so the plants are effected that draws water from the ground.

We are even being poisoned from the air that we breathe because of the smoke, smog, and other chemicals in the air that get into our lungs and skin. To be frank, much of the food that we are eating is slowly killing us because of the chemicals and toxins covered above.

To help combat toxins, chemicals, diseases and lack of vital nutrients, it would be wise to make some strategic choices on natural health supplements.

Do we need health supplements?

Are health supplements really necessary? Some people may argue that they can do without them. The thing is that most people base their bodily health the way that they feel. They think that since they don’t have any aches or pains and just feel good, that they must be in perfect health. However, this does not mean that they don’t need health supplements.

Then suddenly it hits them. A health issue, weakness, old age signs, or an illness. They desperately look for a herbal or dietary supplement to bring their health out of the pit of sickness that they have dug.

So to the question,”Do we really need health supplements?” I would say the answer is a big Yes.

With the abundance of over processed foods packed with preservatives that has no real nutritional value that are in the grocery stores. Combine this with food from fast food restaurants when they are on the go, it is next to impossible to avoid a deficiency of nutrition which leads to bad health, although a person may feel good at the time.

Health supplements are not meant to replace a proper nutrition. They help by adding nutrients that are missing in our diet for better health.

It’s hard to keep away from non-fresh and fast foods when you have a busy lifestyle and always on the go. Therefore, choose health supplements that fit your diet and lifestyle in hopes of an ill-free life.

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Weight Loss Basics

Other than searching for alternative health supplements here are some basic ideas to try when considering your weight. Calories are an important part of the equation that can not be left out. When it comes to weight loss, you simply must burn more calories than you take in.

You can increase weight loss by taking in less extra calories from beverages and food. You will also lose more weight by burning more calories with physical activity such as exercise and you may want to add health supplements to your diet that assists in burning calories.

Once you come to the understanding that you must burn more calories than you take in, you can then set your goals for weight loss and get your plans together for reaching them. For support, talk to your family, friends, and even your doctor.

Keep in mind that the main key to losing weight successfully is making a commitment to change old habits into new permanent ones including exercise and diet habits.

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