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Infertility is a growing problem worldwide. Male infertility is essentially explained as a situation when a man fails to make his female partner pregnant for at least 6 months.

Male infertility often depends on the “quality” of his sperm cells. These are either damaged or not able to make a healthy baby. If this is the case, infertility would be the most likely scenario and could be considered a medical problem.

Causes of Male Infertility

The issue is more about fertility than the cause of infertility itself. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, male fertility issues can be classified into the following causes:

  1. Functional – This is where the man has enough sperm cells, but their motility and fertility may be affected.
  2. Infectious – If the sperm production process is normal, but the man has infections such as infections in the urinary or reproductive tract, that can affect the quality and quantity of his sperm.
  3. Environmental – This is where certain circumstances and circumstances, like air and water quality, smoking, alcohol consumption, and chemical agents (i.e. radiation), can have an adverse impact on sperm quality.

The issue of male infertility can be further distinguished as Primary or Secondary Infertility.

  1. Primary infertility – The issue of primary infertility is about the man himself. The man is either not producing enough sperm cells or has poor sperm quality.
  2. Secondary Infertility – The issue of secondary infertility, however, involves some outside influence and is usually reversible. This is where an abnormality on the female’s part is the main reason for the infertility in the man.

What Should You Do if You Have Problems with Sperm Production?

Researchers have now even recognized that there are chances of infertility in more than 60% of couples which is the reason because of decline in male fertility. Therefore, to increase the sperm quality within male it becomes necessary to consume male fertility enhancing supplements.

There are different treatments that can help improve male fertility and help your man produce healthy sperm cells. These treatments are more about treatment of the main problem, where the aim is to increase the production of healthy sperm cells. This can help the sperm production process and allow better conception.

What Are Male Fertility Supplements?

Male fertility supplements are medicines designed to support the healthy creation of sperms and increase both sperm motility and sperm count.

If you decide to take a fertility supplement, the right time to commence treatment is almost three months before you are actively trying to conceive.

Supplements that boost testosterone production

There are many different types of supplements that work in different ways to improve male fertility. For example, there are D-AA supplements that according to research may boost the levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone that plays a crucial role in male fertility.

When a man reaches his 30s to 50s he enters a time in his life when his testosterone levels begin to decrease. This decrease in testosterone levels is partly the reason why a man’s sexual drive and performance decrease at this age.

Supplementation with D-AA can reverse this natural decrease in testosterone levels. D-AA supplements can also help boost the levels of testosterone in a man’s body.

Amino acids supplements

Amino acids supplements can also be beneficial for men as they help with the blood flow which is known to improve male fertility.

The amino acid Taurine has been found to improve testosterone production; this amino acid has been used to treat several causes of erectile dysfunction. In addition, vitamin B12 is known to enhance the body’s ability to convert the amino acid Tryptophan into the neurotransmitter Serotonin, which is the precursor for male libido.

Moreover, Tryptophan also stimulates the release of several hormones in the endocrine system which help promote sexual function and the production of testosterone.

Vitamins for male fertility

The vitamins B3 and B6 are also known to increase fertility. Another report suggests that ‘vitamin C supplements’ may help improve fertility in men suffering from oxidative stress. Taking vitamin D supplements is another way to enhance your testosterone levels.

How to Choose Male Fertility Supplements?

There are various other supplements too, but it always depends on the cause of infertility as to which supplement one must take. It is also to be noted that most of the supplements simply work as anti-oxidants. An ideal male fertility supplement is one that provides a complete continuum of nutrients while also being helpful in terms of quantity, quality and cost.

Supplements are found to be a good choice because of few undeniable advantages like convenience, prescription-free availability hence non-invasive and relatively economical. Many of the supplements are even based on natural nutrients causing no side effects.

The supplements are known to be effective within 4–5 months. Also, supplements are extremely useful when it comes to increasing sperm motility and sperm count.

Pros of Using Male Fertility Supplements

  • These supplements help to improve the fertility in males naturally.
  • They are easily available in medical stores.

Cons of Using Male Fertility Supplements

  • Overdoes of such supplements can cause side effects. For example, the antioxidant vitamin C can cause gastrointestinal disturbances like gas, diarrhea, or stomach upsets.
  • There are chances that fertility supplements that you intake might affect other medications that you consume. It might even cause more damage than good.
  • Such supplements take time to show results, therefore one need to have some patience.

Other tips for improving male fertility

Another great way to enhance male fertility is with exercise. Both high intensity exercise and cardiovascular exercise can improve sperm quality.

  1. For the first, try to combine your regular gym exercise with some strength training. This will boost your cardiovascular fitness and raise the flow of blood in the body.
  2. When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, keep to the low impact style such as walking or riding a stationary bike rather than running. This will ensure that you don’t strain your joints.

Staying motivated

Although trying all of these tips to boost your fertility will increase your chances of conceiving, you should also stay positive and not give up if you don’t manage to conceive straight away.


One must always keep in mind that 85% of couples get pregnant naturally within 12 months. So, you will need to have been trying for 12 months to be technically considered a couple with infertility troubles.

Always make sure you are doing your best to be fit, healthy and fertile. While supplements can be a way to help your situation, you are always better off without them.

Always focus first on improving your general health. Also, don’t put yourself under psychological pressure if you are unable to conceive. Infertility affects many men around the world.

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